Isaac Albeniz

6 Pieces

arranged by Julian Byzantine

Publisher: Schotts (UK) - ED11428


Guitar Technique Rationalised

Julian Byzantine

Few books available in a single volume can provide the degree of comprehensive information on performing principles and technical guidance as Guitar Technique Rationalised. The author provides the reader with clearly expressed explanations and directions which, combined with the diagrams and extensive array of exercises, make this publication a unique and invaluable resource for all guitarists. The author, Julian Byzantine, a former Professor of the Royal Academy of Music (London), is a renowned international soloist, teacher and recording artist whose tours have included more than seventy countries. He has been hailed by the New York Times as 'a formidable artist'.

Chanterelle / MelBay - MB 20070

ISBN - 0-7866-6322-7


Antonio Soler


arranged for two guitars

by Julian Byzantine

Publisher: B�rben (Ancona, Italy) - E.5628 B.


Brazilian Folk Tunes arranged for flute and guitar

Publisher: Schott(UK) - ED 13582


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